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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
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20914273Title: Perfectly Broken
Author: Prescott Lane
Publication Date: March 2014
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
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Even after years of trauma therapy, Peyton still believes she’s broken. She has little desire to date or show off her natural beauty, content simply to hang out with her best friends and run her pie shop in New Orleans. But her world turns upside-down when a handsome architect and self-confessed player shows up in her shop and thinks she’s perfect, much more than the usual hook-up. While Peyton does her best to resist his charms, believing she could never be enough for him, she can’t deny the obvious heat between them. With Reed determined to have her, Peyton must decide whether to continue to hide behind her apron and baggy clothes or take a chance and share her scars with Reed, a man with a playboy reputation and scars of his own -- a dark past he can’t possibly share with Peyton, not after learning the horrors she’s endured. But if they can find a way to trust each other, and themselves, they just might be able to heal, to save each other, to live perfectly broken together.


Perfectly Broken was just simply beautiful. Both Peyton and Reed were just broken in their own way, especially with all the insecurities and fears that linger with them, no matter where they go. The romance between Peyton and Reed was just simple stunning because somehow, these two scarred people were brought together and helped each other live for the future, instead of living in the past.

Peyton was so vulnerable and broken, but that’s what just made the story even more amazing. It made me wonder and curious about what really happened to her, that made her that way. She seemed like a weak character at first, and I thought that she was shallow, but who am I to judge her when I can’t even put myself in her shoes, right? Contrary to what I thought, she was a really strong person. She may have a lot of trust issues, but that’s really understandable.

Reed, on the other hand, had a playboy image, and has scars of his own. He may not seem like it, but he was also damaged on his own way. I really enjoyed his personality; he is patient, sensitive and sweet. He can be serious, but also has a playful nature. He knows how to push, when to push, and when not to push. There were a lot of times that he crossed some lines, but he genuinely tries his very best to fix up his mistakes.

The sub-characters were also amazing, especially Quinn, Bret and Dr. Lorraine. They were all quirky and can just manage to make me smile. Prescott Lane did a great job in balancing the serious and fun parts, and that was really nice. Although, I think I had a problem with the pacing of this novel. At first I couldn’t really decide, if it was slow or fast, but I think it became a little too fast towards the end of the novel. Maybe that’s just me, but, yeah. There were also at times that the shifting POVs got confusing. They’d suddenly change midway, and even the sub-characters had their own voices at times.

Either way, the title was just befitting with the story, because Peyton and Reed were just simply like that: perfectly broken. This is a breathtaking novel about strength, family, and taking that leap of faith. It just made me realize the vulnerability and being broken does not make your entire personality, and that sometimes, it’s okay to be broken and damaged, too, because we’re beautiful that way, in any direction we look from.

My Rating

About the Author

Prescott Lane is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and graduated from Centenary College in 1997 with a degree in sociology. She went on to Tulane University to receive her MSW in 1998, after which she worked with developmentally delayed and disabled children. She currently resides in New Orleans with her husband and two children.


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Giselle said...

Great review, Pauline! I love the sounds of this one it sounds like it has the perfect balance of serious and lighthearted too. And the fact that even the side characters have so much personality is a sign of great character building! Def. my kind of read!

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