Feature: Introduction to Typography Tuesday

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Banner design credits to Dyane :D

Typography Tuesday is a new feature where I (Pauline) post my lettering works of book quotes that are nice for me. Works will usually be black and white, but there may be at times that colored ones will be posted. All works are scanned but created by hand through markers and fine liners.

Phew. I've always wanted to make an art portfolio of some sort, but I never had the confidence to make one. Just a few months back, I started uploading my lettering in DeviantArt, but now, I'm also shamelessly spreading my work here (HAHA.) Anyway, even though I'm not really very proud of my works, (but some of my friends encouraged me to do this,) so yeah. Oh, and I'm sorry for advance how sucky they'll turn out to be and that they're not properly digitalized since I don't have a scanner at home. But still, feel free to comment or tweet about your inputs! They're always welcome. Teehee. :D

If I'm lucky, I might be able to have Dyane post some also! (I hope.) Anyway, I don't know if some sort like Typography Tuesday already exists, so please comment if you know some so we can mention them, too! :D

Thanks a lot in advance!


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