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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Title: Mutilate My Heart (Mutilate #1)
Author: Emily Godwin
Date of Publication: July 9, 2013
Genre: contemporary YA romance with paranormal elements


Punk rock band Mutilated Arteries has been seventeen-year-old Becca's world (aka obsession) for the last year. When the band schedules a concert in her hometown, she and her best friend Carli are the first ones in line to buy tickets. The night is everything she expects it to be and more, especially after making friends with the new super-cute bassist, Sketch.

Becca's mom warns her not to fall for a rock star because rock stars are always on the road - or they die in a plane crash, like her mom's favorite band did twenty-something years ago. But after the band's tour bus breaks down and they're stuck hanging out in Roizen Hills for a week, it's hard for Becca not to fall for Sketch and his caricature drawings and toxic green eyes.

Becca knows Sketch is leaving as soon as the bus is fixed, and she can't be his fan-turned-girlfriend anyway because of the lead singer's "No Girlfriends" rule. Plus, there's something strange about the guys that Becca can't quite decipher... like how they won't reveal their real names, their always-changing odd appearances, and the guitarist's obsession with blood and zombies. Still, Becca wants nothing more than for Sketch to mutilate her heart...but it just might not be in a way she expects.

My Review

I think that from the beginning, I was already drawn to this book because of its association with music. What I didn’t expect, though, was that it had paranormal elements in it as well. I never got that from reading its summary, so I was really shocked when I got to that part of the story. Although it was a bit weird, I think it was cleverly incorporated into the plot. It served as quite an effective turning point considering I had no idea that anything like it would happen. 
Becca and Carli were both really cool. I admired how they were always there for each other through everything. I found the romantic aspect quite sweet, too (Sketch is like Milo from American Girl on Saturn!). It’s every teenage girl’s dream to be able to hang out with a great guy from a great band! Sketch’s bandmates were also pretty awesome; they certainly lived up to their (kind of creepy) names. It was nice to see Spaceships Around Saturn mentioned in the story, forming a slight connection between it and AGoS.

I can definitely say that I loved the contemporary feel of the novel. It was a fun, light read, and I recommend it for anyone who finds interest in music, the paranormal, or both!

My Rating

Excerpt from the Book

I run out the door and climb into the passenger seat of Carli’s car. “Undead Masquerade” bleeds through the speakers, and the bass thumps against my flip flops. I really hope she turns their CD off before Sketch and Corpse get into her car with us. 
She doesn’t say anything as she backs out of my driveway. She has a completely calm persona on her face. We remain silent through the rest of the song, and then she turns the volume down.
“Are you freaking out? I’m freaking out,” she says in one breath.
If she’s freaking out, I have to stay calm. It’s our code. One of us has to act normal to try to hide the other’s complete spazzing moments.
“I’m good. Nervous. But good,” I reply. 
She nods her head. “Okay, good. We’ve got this.”
She pushes the eject button on the CD player and shoves the disc back into its case. Thank God. After the ringtone incident yesterday, I do not need anything else that will make me look like a fangirl. 
It only takes one drive around the mall for us to find the guys’ dead tour bus. Sketch and Corpse spot us, look once behind them, and run toward our car. Carli slams on the brakes, and my seatbelt catches me from landing face first against the dashboard. 
Sketch yanks my door open.
“Let us in!” he shouts. “Hurry!”
I jump out, and he yanks the seat down and dives into the backseat. Corpse jumps in right after him, and the two collapse half on top of the seat and half in the floorboard.
“Get in!” they scream in unison.
I get in quickly and slam the door shut behind me.

“Drive!” Corpse yells, slamming his hands against the back of Carli’s seat. 

About the Author

Emily Godwin is a Young Adult author. She enjoys writing, painting, and sewing her own line of non-evil voodoo dolls. She's a Slytherin, trying to disguise herself as a Hufflepuff, and wishes she could read herself into books.


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