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Friday, March 14, 2014
Welcome to Fathomless Reveries! We’re Pauline and Dyane, two teen bloggers from the Philippines! We love books, and that’s exactly why we set up this blog, although we could’ve never gotten the inspiration for it without Kim of Divergent Gryffindor, our friend and fellow book blogger. We mostly read contemporary romance, but we are open to trying other genres as well, so feel free to recommend! Now go click around and explore! Enjoy!

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Twitter: @fathomlessrevs

Hello! I'm Pauline, a person who can't live without my gadget + Internet. Like, seriously. I'd probably die without them. Okay, not really. But yeah. I become restless without one. Oops.

I tend to become very talkative whenever I find something I really like (hello, books!). I often don’t finish the things that I’ve started, but hopefully I’ll be able to continue blogging! I love anything cute and artistic (most especially typography and lettering stuff) and it is my dream to have my own portfolio posted somewhere, although it seems impossible at the moment. (HAHA) I'm usually hyper, scatterbrained and pretty much a happy-go-lucky person, to the point that I'm so indecisive with the things I want to do in life.

I'd love to meet new people, so don't hesitate to comment or talk to me on Twitter (@paulineerielle)! :D

Hey! I’m Dyane, a 19-year-old bookworm. :D I like writing and drawing, even though I’m not really good at either. I love sports, especially badminton, basketball, and running. I’m more of an introvert, but once you get to know me, I can be pretty crazy (in a good way, I’m hoping). I’m usually happy, because even the smallest things can get me to smile.

Wanna make me smile today? Chat me up on Twitter (@dyanechua)! :)


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