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Friday, July 11, 2014
Alison Can Read Feature & Follow

This week's question:

If you had a time machine (i.e. a TARDIS,) where would you go?

Pauline: I'd go back to the past and see what was like during the time of my parents, at around 1970s-1980s. Whenever something came up, they'd always tell me, "During our time, we didn't have blablabla." or, "During our time, we were blablabla." Having them tell me this a lot of times, I am really curious on how they lived before without all the technology and stuff. Oh, and it would be really cool to see the world without it having get polluted yet.


Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. I'm right at the in between era with technology. We got the Internet at our house when I was 12. So I can't totally remember what it was like without it.

Zareena said...

Nice idea going back to your parents' time! That would be really fun :)

Old Follower
My FF .
Zareena @ Books and Books

Unknown said...

That would really be fun to see your parents young. :)

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Christine Danielle @ Bibliophilic Madness

Juli Rahel said...

I would love to see the world without technology but I'd probably go back to the mid-1800s for that, just to get a real feel for it! Hopping through all the answers I've also really wanted to visit the future! I'm an old GFC and a new Bloglovin' Follower! Thanks for sharing :) Hope you have a great weekend!
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Juli @ Universe in Words

Jazmen said...

Hopping through. Thanks for checking out my F&F.

Mo_books said...

The '70's would be a fun time to visit =D thanks for stopping by my FF
Monique @ Mo_Books

Rachel said...

The 70's would be so much fun XD New GFC follower ;)

Rachel @A Perfection Called Books

Christina W said...

You are so right haha! Great choice!

Unknown said...

We really didn't have blahblahblah! We were thrown outside in the morning and called in for meals. That was our life. LOL. As teens, we went to clubs and concerts but we just didn't have the phones to take photos or text with. I LOVE my phone but we did survive without it. Thanks so much for following. I followed via GFC.

My Thoughts.... Literally! said...

HAHAHAHA! This makes me feel old! I wasn't born yet for most of the period you mentioned but I totally remember what life was like before all this technology. My family has always been slow on getting the newest thing.

Happy FF! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Unknown said...

That would be a fun era to visit. I didn't think about that, it would be interesting to see my parents as kids! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a new follower via bloglovin :)
Brittany @ Spare Time Book blog

Kyendwarrior said...

Nice pick!:)
Thanks for stopping by!:)
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BookCupid said...

Great answer!! I could also use a break from technology. My FF

Nicki J. Markus / Asta Idonea said...

Your answer made me smile! Thanks for the follow, following back.

Unknown said...

I love your answer! You can just hold these things over their heads :p Thanks for stopping by my blog, new follower.
Bayan @ The Booklicker

Elle (Lost in Wonderland) said...

Haha your answer was great. I still sometimes get the ' In my day' spiel. Although I was born into a generation where technology wasn't rampant, as it is today. So I can still remember a childhood where I didn't have a computer or phone and spent a lot of my time reading or at friends houses.

Thanks for stopping by my FF. New follower :)

Obsessive Compulsive Reader said...

Love your answer! :D It would be interesting to experience "the good old days" for ourselves.

Thanks for stopping by my FF, old follower :)

Obsessive Compulsive Reader

kk said...

I would love to visit the 80's I love the fashion and music! Great pick :)

Johanna said...

I think in order to see the world not pollluted you would have to go further back than the twentieth century, maybe before the industrialization era.
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I followed you back via GFC and Bloglovin.

Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping by! I didn't think of it like that. :)
followed back via GFC. :)

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